Online school foundation background

The Covid-19 pandemic and the ever-changing restrictions bring with it a lot of uncertainty, a lack of a sense of stability and security.

Remote teaching has become an alternative to the continuation of the learning program. Until now, this form of teaching has usually included higher education, postgraduate education, or training courses. COVID 19 significantly accelerated the process of popularizing this type of education around the world, what is more, by spreading a remote form of education for early school and even kindergarten education.


Due to lockdowns, schools in Ireland in the UK were closing and opening, and teachers taught children online. Such teaching in general education varied, some parents were not satisfied, and others praised themselves.

It was then that the Razem Academy introduced online education. Be shy at first using Skype, and then better and even better with the special online service ClickMeeting. And today we have our own system and our own online learning platform.

Today we have teachers who have already gained experience in conducting remote lessons

Today we have our entire program adapted to distance learning

Teachers benefit from the training offered by the Professional Training Center and constantly improve their distance learning methodology.

Advantages of distance learning

This type of education has many advantages, as parents of children cooperating with our facility during the pandemic have already learned.

E-learning allows you to implement the material at any time and place. The materials and teaching aids have been designed so that children can easily and quickly learn the given topic. 

Parents' help will play a big role, especially in the case of younger children, and we encourage them to support smaller children.

E-learning requires parents to become their children's 'teachers'. The time that should be spent on learning with a child is approximately 6 hours a week on average. 

As students get older, they become more independent, so they can use the platform themselves.

What does online schooling looks like?

Education starts in September each year. Each lesson is a collection of information that a child must have. All of them have been prepared in accordance with our program.

Within a week, the child logs on to the educational platform by itself, uses ready-made scenarios, solves knowledge tests. At the end of the week, he meets the other students in the group with the tutor in the online lesson, discusses the acquired knowledge, and asks the teacher questions.

The teacher also gives homework. Each field of the material ends with a test and thanks to access to the E-Journal, parents can monitor their child's progress in learning.

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